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Would you like to-infinitive - Would you like a cup of tea? Do - Do you like this book? Pardon me, where? I hate to bother you, but what? How many? Would you be so kind as to tell me?

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Would you mind telling me where? Could you tell me the way to? Sorry, is this the way to? Drive north for 2 miles, then stop at Walk two blocks west, turn right Hurry up!

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It seems to me How did you get on? What do you recommend?

Come on: nào! Anything else? Shall I serve you? Well done! Hand in hand: tay trong tay. Are you kidding? Attachment seems to be your biggest foe and love doesn't seem to be your cup of tea anymore.

Well, people say expectations hurt but do unexpected things greet us with happiness always? Love is divine, sublime and the most blissful feeling on this earth yet why does heartbreak hurt more than any physical injury? I know your insecurities, your fears, your needs, and your helplessness. Every human wants to love and expects a mandatory reciprocation along with it.



But is this a barter system? Or are we trying to seek trade and business through emotions? I know you've been broken, you've lost your trust from love, you've started knowing the cruelty of this world and have tried detaching yourself from people around. You've tried building a cage, locked your heart and have thrown the keys afar with hopelessness, unworthy tears and innumerous "why's".

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You fear love but at the same time you want someone to be there for you, who'd hold your hand and walk till forever, you want someone who'd love passionately the same way you used to do and will address you as the most precious possession of his life. But girl, good things take time, good choices need worthy decisions and passionate goals seek wise analysis.

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Just because you had a deadly past doesn't mean you'll never be able to get love again or be able to trust. Surrounding yourself with walls of shattered dreams, broken promises and trust issues will only let you down hereby increasing your insecurities. Make sure that this time before loving someone else you love yourself, make sure that no one can possess the power to break you amidst the cracks of betrayals or can behold control over your happiness.

Take your time to fall in love with yourself, adore your flaws and imperfections, live your dreams and then hunt for your man of dreams. Shared by Rafeeq Hussain poemsbyraf talesleftunsaid tlu tlucommunity storytelling tales microtale microfiction. Feelings by [ Select Writer ] Vishwa Chhatbar vishwa talesleftunsaid tlu tlucommunity storytelling microtale microfiction.