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Selenium Se Fluorine F Iode I Titan dioxit Acid lactic Acid malic Acid tartaric Acid citric Acid phosphoric Acid acetic Mono - diglyceride E Lecithin E CMC carboxymethylcellulose Agar - Agar Enzyme Proieus vulgaris, Torula Candida , Sacch. Vitamin A 1. Vitamin E 1. Vitamin K 1. V itam in Bi thiam ine 1. Vitamin B 2 riboflavin I.

Acid pantothenic Vitamin B 3 1. Niacin Nicotinamide 1. Biotin 1. Vitamin B i 2 cyanocobalamin 1.

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Vitamin c acid ascorbic 1. Calci 2.


Phospho 2. Kali 2. Natri 2. Chloride Cl 2. Citrus Red No. Saccharin 3. Cyclamate 3.

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Aspartame 3. Council of Scientific Affairs, Acesulfame K 3. Xylitol 3. Sorbitol 3. M annitol 3. Lactitol 3. Lactulose 3. Syrup glucose 3.

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Isomalt 3. Acid lactic 3. Acid malic 3. Acid tartaric 3. Acid citric 3. Acid Fumaric 3. Acid phosphoric 3. Acid acetic 3. Quinine 3. Kumazawa và Kurihara, Glutamate 3. Takasaki, JllrOM '7. Monomer; b. X y lito l c a n d ie s in c a rie s prevention: results of a field study in Estonian children. Community Dent. Oral Epidemiol. In flu e n c e o f m o n o s o d iu m g lu ta m a te on fla v o u r acceptablity and on the reduction of sodium chloride in some ready made so u p s. M ikorobiol. Lebensmittel, A m in o f f , c.

A p p lie d S c ie n c e Publishers, London. Anantharaman, K. In utero and dietary administration of monosodium Lglutamate to mice: reproductive performance and development in a m u ltig e n e ra tio n I I ê s tu d y. Raven Press, New York, p.

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Ballongue, J. Effects of lactulose and lactitol on colonic microflora and enzymatic activity. Microbiological and sensory tests of beef treated with acetic and formic acids. Food Prot.

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Bizri, J. Citric acid and antimicrobials affect microbiological stability and quality of tomato juice.

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Food Sci. B oaz, D. Bradford, D. Low-fat pork sausage patty stability in refrigerated storage with potassium lactate. Food Sci Branen, A. Introduction to use of antimicrobials. In: Antimicrobials in Foods, 2nd ed. Davidson, p. Marcel Dekker, New York, p. Brewer, s.

Sodium lactate effects on shelf-life, sensory and physical characteristics of fresh pork sausage. Buchanan, R. Interaction of citric acid concentration an d pH o n th e k in e tic s o f Listeria monocytogenes in a c tiv a tio n. Carminati, D. Antimicrobial activity of lysozyme against Listeria monocytogenes in m ilk. Cameiro de Melo, A. Trisodium phosphate increases sensitivity of gram-negative bacteria to lysozyme and nisin.

CDC Definitions from summary, data from summary attached. Chaudhari, N. Abstracts o f AChemS Chen, N. Relationship between water activity, salts of lactic acid, and growth of Listeria monocytogenes in a meat model system. Food Prot Chi, S. Predicting optimum monosodium glutamate and sodium chloride concentrations in chicken broth as affected by spice a d d itio n. F o o d Processing reservation, 1 6 :3 1 3 -3 2 6.

Antimicrobial food additives, In: Handbook of Food Additives, 2nd ed. Furia, T. CRC Press, Cleveland, p.

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Chipley, J. Sodium benzoate and benzoic acid. Chung, K.